1960’s Lenaerts Indian Motorcycle Restoration

26th March 2015
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1960’s Lenaerts Indian Motorcycle Restoration

Restoration of a 1960's coin opperated Kiddie Ride manufactured by Edwin Hall & Co of 67 Besley Street, Streatham, in South London. This is a early prototype model with full metal base and the bike running on 2 rollers with a bump on each ( the later version had a tipping mechanism contained within a Glassfibre steped case ). The Motorcycle was made in Belgium by Lenaerts, originally for use on a platform Fairground Ride


The Tank Has been stripped and sprayed with


Both Mudguards were striped and had the holes

weld filled and ground flat, they were then

sprayed with primer, the Tank was striped and primed

All of the chrome parts were re plated

The Frame was Soda Blasted, primed, black base

coated and had 2 coats of clearcoat

The tank and the Mudguards wear coated in

Red Candy Base coat and Cream Pearl Base coat.

( this is a mock up of the Indian Head )

Assembly has started, The Engine has been polished and installed

1960’s Lenaerts Indian Motorcycle Restoration

This is how the bike came to us, looking a bit sad but this one was constructed before Hall’s had a moulding made in glass fibre for the production models, it has the original Edwin Hall Transfer on itChrome parts are back from the platers 

  This is a mock up of the transfer for the tank
 The motor is in good condition but the skin of the base has too many dents etc to fix so we are replacing it, we will keep the original with the bike

Frame has been cleaned and painted                                               Motor cleaned and painted

New skin is being fixed to frame with countersink flush rivets and etched primed